Disney Segway Tour - Wilderness Back Trail Adventure at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

Disney Segway Tour - Wilderness Back Trail Adventure at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort

Josie Maida Josie Maida

A Disney segway tour is the perfect way for a Disney fan to spend a day at Walt Disney World - so why do we never hear about them? While these tours used to be popular in resorts and even in the parks, in the past few years we've seen them slowly disappear. While they may not be popular, they sure are a Disney hidden gem. Not only is riding a segway a fun and unique vacation activity, but this is also a great way to see Disney property like never before! Plus, it's perfect for any Disney history buff, as these tour guides are incredibly knowledgeable! 

Recently, we took our Disney segway tour - the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure - at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. Since this iconic Disney property has been open and operating since 1971, there's a ton to see and do. Not only is this location chock full of camping activities and fun, but it also has a colorful and rich history of long-lasting and defunct attractions. 


Disney segway tour Josie Maida and Kait Killebrew, Spinning Carousel Company

This two-hour tour takes guests around some of the more popular parts of the Fort Wilderness Resort, and on some hidden trails as well. See the original section of the resort, popular spots such as Tri-Circle-D Ranch, and the remains of defunct attractions and locations such as River Country and the Fort Wilderness Railroad. Of course, as Disney history fans ourselves, seeing these historic places was our favorite part! 

Plus, our tour guides, Faith and Forrest were incredibly knowledgeable. Seeing cool things is awesome, but these locations are made better through their storytelling. The facts they share really make this trip worthwhile for any true Disney fan. 


We'll let the instructors walk you through this one! We'll give it to you straight, it was a bit more difficult than we had imagined when signing up for this trip. However, the guides are awesome teachers and did a really wonderful job of preparing everyone in the class, from the pros to the noobies, for a fun and safe adventure. Forrest was especially awesome at guiding with firmness and encouragement. He clearly shared what can go wrong while riding the segway, and made it clear that we must stay alert. And, he also helped to make us feel like we could learn and accomplish this new task. 

All in all, the movement for us felt mainly centered around how we distributed our weight through our feet. Riding well requires a strong core and a bit of balance. While it was a bit of a challenge at first, as we got the hang of it, it really did become a lot of fun! 


After our tour, we couldn't stop talking about how much we wished there was another Disney segway tour. We might even take this one again, it was that much fun! On our next tour, we would both wear small belt bags, they were super convenient for this trek. Additionally, flat, sturdy sneakers seem to work best for this ride. Too much arch support can actually make the center of the feet uncomfortable, as so much of the movement happens between the toes and the heels. Also, getting a good night of sleep before is important! The tour begins at 8:30 a.m. at the Bike Barn, and it takes time to get there, so it's an early morning. Plus, this tour isn't just something you can coast through. It's important to be alert throughout the whole tour to listen, learn, and stay safe!   


Signing up for the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort is simple and easy. Simply check their website for dates and availability here. Riders must be 16 and older to sign up. All guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, and all guests must weigh a minimum of 100 pounds and a maximum of 250 pounds to ride the segway. 

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