I'm a Disney Parks local - here's what's in my Disney day bag!

I'm a Disney Parks local - here's what's in my Disney day bag!

Josie Maida Josie Maida

Packing a Disney bag is a majorly important part of planning a day at the Disney Parks. Your Disney bag is what you will carry with you each day in the parks, so it has to be perfect. If the bag is too heavy, it becomes a strain to carry. But if you forget something, it can throw a wrench in your whole day. 

As a Disney local, foodie, and small shop owner, I always have a Disney bag packed and ready to go to hop over to the parks at a moment's notice. Some days I'm heading to Magic Kingdom to grab a snack with a friend. On other days, I'm off to Disney's Hollywood Studios to grab some photos of our Spinning Carousel Company pieces - like one of my favorites, our Saga Among the Stars collection. No matter what adventure the day may hold, my staple Disney bag remains the same.  

Josie Maida, owner of Spinning Carousel Co. wearing the Saga Among the Stars collection, what's in her Disney Bag


The first step is finding the perfect purse or pack to act as your Disney bag. For me, I love a fanny pack that fits comfortably across my waist or my chest. This gives me options throughout the day on how I would like to carry it and allows me to go back and forth. In addition, a fanny makes for the perfect Disney bag because it leaves your hands free for fun - while minimizing the risk of losing it while exploring the Disney parks. 

Many brands carry incredible fanny packs that make awesome Disney parks bags. The Liberty Sling Bag from Anthropologie has been my go-to bag for months. It's stylish, fits great across my chest, and is lightweight with a surprising amount of storage space. 

Another great Disney bag comes from Corkcicle with their water bottle sling bags. These fit across the body and hold a whole water bottle snugly in the front pocket. Plus, they have some with Mickey's ears, making it truly perfect for a Disney day! 


Here's the skinny on what's in my fanny pack - as little as possible! Walking around the parks is always a workout, and I hate the feeling of having too much to hold and keep track of. So, for me, my perfect formula was all about taking what I needed for a perfect day and leaving behind the unnecessary. 

Fuel Rods

Right off the bat, fuel rods are the first item that comes to mind as a must-have. Whether you're a content creator, or you're simply taking memories of your Disney vacation, you need your phone and camera charged! A Fuel Rod is an innovative pocket-sized phone charger that can be replaced using machines around the park. When it's out of battery, simply swap for a new one, free of charge. 

Find them here in Josie's Amazon storefront to snag them before heading into the parks! My top tip is to keep an eye out for when they're on sale online, but if you forget, these are also available for purchase in the parks! 

Make your phone work for you

Next, ditch your wallet. They're big and bulky and are a huge hassle if they get lost in the parks. Instead, utilize the wallet feature on your phone to make payments in the parks! In addition to credit cards, your digital wallet can also hold your Disney Parks tickets - which can also be found on the My Disney Experience app, also found on your phone! Typically, I'll just bring along my I.D. card and maybe one physical credit card, just in case. But the more advanced my phone gets, the less and less use I have in the parks for my physical wallet. 

Lighting is KEY

I love to throw my mini ring lights into all my park bags. To me, it doesn't matter if you're a creator, shop owner, or just a fan. Disney is a place to make memories - and sometimes, those memories need better lighting! This item is small, light, and affordable! 

Odds and ends for the perfect day

Disney parks hit everyone differently, but there are a few things you can keep in your Disney bag to make sure everyone in your group has a perfect day. Drink packets help to make hydration a bit more fun, and can help everyone to drink a bit more water on hot days. I would select the one you genuinely enjoy, and of course, there's a huge bonus if they have electrolytes.

In addition, it never hurts to have a to-go-sized bottle of Dramamine and Advil. These two small containers cover most park-related ailments and could make a serious difference when it comes to getting the most out of your day. Especially if you're planning rope drop to fireworks! 

Lastly, gum, mints, and hair ties are nearly impossible to find on Disney property, so make sure to toss a few of each into your bag as well. Gum and mints can help to keep you feeling fresh after all those Disney Parks snacks, and can even help to settle your stomach. And hair ties are a must between the hot sun and all of those attractions! Getting caught without one can be a real pain, so make sure to stash some extras just in case!

A little something extra

No matter how simple my park outfit is, a little touch of jewelry always helps to make it feel special and complete. I feel totally naked without a necklace or a ring - I have to have something, even when I'm just wearing athletic clothes and sneakers! I never leave home without a spot for a favorite from Spinning Carousel Co. in my bag! If I'm hoping around the parks at Walt Disney World, you'll be sure to find me with my 1971, gold, Vacation Kingdom necklace on or in my park bag for whenever I'm feeling the need for a bit of sparkle!  

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