To all who come to this happy place, welcome!

Spinning Carousel Co. aims to celebrate all our most magical moments. Throughout history, beloved theme parks have served as a backdrop for life-changing events, cross-country adventures, and happy days with friends and family.  

Kait Killebrew and Josie Maida are best friends and business partners that met through their love of theme parks. Between time spent working in theme parks and in the community, they deeply understood just how much these safe spaces mean to the people who love them the most. Inspired by their love of theme park history and their desire for everyday ways to keep those memories close, Spinning Carousel Co. was born. 

Each piece represents an important moment in history – from the numbers to the design, these accessories were crafted to be unique for the biggest theme park fans. 

From childhood family vacations to fairytale engagements, pregnancy announcements, dream jobs, and even just simple local days in the parks, every theme park fan has left a piece of their heart in their very favorite place. 

Our collections celebrate the history of these special parks – and the moments that have filled them for decades.