25 Facts About The Parent Trap

25 Facts About The Parent Trap

Kait Killebrew Kait Killebrew

Happy 25th Anniversary to one of our favorite Disney comfort movies, The Parent Trap! This remake of the 1961 Disney film has its world premiere on July 20, 1998 at Mann National Theater in Westwood, California. Today we're launching our Parker James locket inspired by the film and celebrating this milestone with 25 facts you need to know about The Parent Trap!


  1. The twins were named after Director Nancy Meyers and Producer Charles Shyer's two real-life daughters. That's right, the names weren't random! They were a nod to the couple's two children.
  2. Both daughters make cameos in The Parent Trap. Annie hands Elizabeth the first aid kit at the Stafford Hotel by the pool and Hallie plays a camper (named Lindsay for Lindsay Lohan) at Camp Walden.
  3. Lindsay Lohan got her ears pierced for the movie. While Annie gets her ears pierced by her 11 year old twin in the film, Lindsay went to a professional for her ear piercing!
  4. Lindsay Lohan worked with body doubles for twin scenes. Can you imagine having to film every single scene twice? This was Linday Lohan's reality while playing both twins! While there were several body doubles on set, Erin Mackey is known as Lohan's main body double for the film. This helped Lindsay to meet the eye line with "herself" in post production!
  5. Lindsay Lohan's mom and siblings were extras in The Parent Trap. The most notable of the Lohan extras is her brother, Michael Lohan Jr., who played the boy who accidentally ended up at Camp Walden. You can also spot Lindsay's mom and siblings in the background at Heathrow Airport when Martin picks up Annie after camp.
  6. Hallie met Queen Elizabeth II in a deleted scene. You don't want to sleep on the bonus features for the Parent Trap on Disney+, y'all. Not only can you find the deleted scene where Hallie as Annie meets Queen Elizabeth outside of Buckingham Palace, but there are other behind the scenes extras like a segment explaining how Lindsay filmed both roles as Hallie and Annie for the film. 
  7. Natasha Richardson has some family connections in the film. Her character Elizabeth James' house is on the same street her father (director Tony Richardson) lived on. The many references to Meredith Blake as "Cruella De Vil" are a nod to her sister Joely Richardson who played Anita in the live action 101 Dalmatians movie in 1996!
  8. The character Chessy is named after a friend of the director. The name inspiration didn't stop with the twins for The Parent Trap. Director Nancy Meyers named the Parker family's nanny after a decorator friend by the same name.
  9. Joanna Barnes is in both Parent Trap films. Barnes was the evil girlfriend, Vicky Robinson, in the 1961 version of The Parent Trap. She would make a cameo in the 1998 version of the film as Meredith Blake's mother, also named Vicky!
  10. Both Parent Trap films have the same run time. The 1961 version and the 1998 version are both two hours and nine minutes.
  11. "Where Dreams Have No End" is a real wine. While the wine is real, it would've been impossible for it to be served at the wedding of Nick Parker and Elizabeth James in 1986. The wine was produced the following year in 1987. Nick Parker didn't snag every bottle, either. You can still buy this wine today!
  12. "Let's Get Together" is another nod to the 1961 film. As Hallie is waiting for an elevator at the Stafford Hotel, she's singing "Let's Get Together," a song famously from the original Parent Trap film. The hotel name itself is also a callback. The Stafford Hotel is named for a boy who talks to Susan at a dance in the original film.
  13. Chessy has another twin connection. Three years after The Parent Trap was filmed, Lisa Ann Walter would have identical twin boys born on October 11 - Hallie & Annie's birthday!
  14. "Actually" is said a lot in the film. The word appears 23 times throughout The Parent Trap, including the film's final line: "We actually did it!"
  15. The Parent Trap was Lindsay Lohan's feature film debut. You'll notice in the credits it says "Introducing Lindsay Lohan." She also pretended to be sick at age 11 to attend her audition for the film!
  16. Annie and Martin's famous handshake features 18 moves. It took the duo two or three hours to create the signature handshake for the film.
  17. A nod to The Beatles. When Elizabeth and Hallie (as Annie) cross the street on their way to the dress shop, you'll noticed the screen stops. They were recreating The Beatles album, Abbey Road. Down to the placement of the cars and the crosswalk itself, no detail was spared!
  18. Hayley Mills was asked to make a cameo in the remake. Mills was the star of the original Parent Trap film. She had to decline the cameo opportunity due to a schedule conflict while touring with "The King and I."
  19. Both Parent Trap films feature Nabisco products. While the 1998 version of the film is known for Oreos and peanut butter, the 1961 version featured Fig Newtons.
  20. The wedding dresses weren't design by Elizabeth James. All of the dresses in Elizabeth James' shop were designed by Vera Wang.
  21. The scene where Chessy finds out she's talking to Annie instead of Hallie took a lot of takes. The emotional scene was shot over a number of days and took 73 takes to get it just right.
  22. Camp Walden is based on a real camp. Camp Walden is inspired by a real camp by the same name in Denmark, Maine. Although Camp Walden is a real place, the scenes from the film were actually shot in Crestline, California at Camp Seely.
  23. Hallie's plush Cuppy inspired a Disney Store-exclusive toy. It wouldn't have been the late 90's Disney Store without Disney Mini Bean Bag Plushes, and there was even one for Cuppy! Find it on Ebay here.
  24. The film features two very special love songs. The Parent Trap opens with "L-O-V-E" performed by Nat King Cole. During this part of the film, were shown scenes from Nick Parker and Elizabeth James' wedding. At the end of the film, "This Will Be" performed by Nat King Cole's daughter, Natalie Cole, is playing. The family is all together for snapshots from Nick Parker and Elizabeth James' second wedding for this portion of the film.
  25. There's an extended ending. In the now cut scene, the twins are talking about where they will live as a family of four. Hallie says to Annie, "You guys are going to love living in California." Annie replies, "California? You guys are going to love living in London." Hallie say, "London?" Then Sammy barks at a poodle next door while Chessy and Martin kiss.

A quarter of a century later we're still obsessed with this classic Disney film so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to bring a piece to life inspired by it.


We can't be the only ones who wished we had our own heart-shaped locket with our first initial on it, right? The Parker James is a stainless steel, gold locket personalized with your own first initial. On the front, the font is inspired by the one from Nick Parker's company logo, Parker Knoll. On the back, you'll find nod to the film in "Summer '98" in honor of this special anniversary. The locket features a chain with loops at 16, 17, 18, and 19 inches, making it perfect for stacking with other baubles. Grab yours before it's gone! You can use code "SPINNING10" to save at checkout too.

Did you know all 25 Parent Trap Facts?

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